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Marine trade on the world accounts for 80% of trade. Ships travel at sea for a long time. During these trips, the ship needs fuel, water and food. Ships prefer to meet these needs from the nearest ports. but it is really difficult to supply your different needs in a country you never know. Ship Chandler Sete has been serving for 19 years for your convenience. Brings together different products and services in their own hands. Ship Chandler Sete supplies your needs by sea land and air. The products from the featured stores reach you in confidence. Ship Chandler Sete’s experienced and expert staff will be at your disposal. Quality and trust are always very important for Ship Chandler Sete’s company. Ship Chandler Sete care about your satisfaction as a result of Ship Chandler Sete’s service. This precision makes Ship Chandler Sete the leading ship chandler company of France.

Ship Chandler Sete’s 24/7 online support service will answer all your questions and provide solutions to your problems. Ship Chandler Sete’s experienced staff makes the best orientation. All you have to do is reach Ship Chandler Sete.

Technical Stores

Deck, Engine & Cabin Stores

Cloth and linen products

Tableware and Galley equipment

Chemicals & Cleaning products

Lashing equipments

Safety & Fire Fighting Equipments

Charts & Nautical publications

Instruments & Equipments for Navigation & Bridge

Medical Supplies

Tools, hand, electrical & pneumatic

All metals in sheets, bars, pipes

Couplings & Fittings for all applications

Pumps & Valves, all types and materials

General Electrical Supplies

Packings and Jointings

Steel Wire Ropes

In-house shop for ropeworks with a wide range of diameters for prompt delivery

All kind of galvanized steel wire ropes for mooring, towing and lifting

Cut to size and construction of slings

Talurit spliced eyes and thimbles , sockets casting

Synthetic Mooring Ropes

Eurodan Mooring Ropes 8 strands in polypropilene combined with HT polyethilene

Euromix and Bexcoflex Polyester mix ropes 8 strands according to OCIMF regulations

Atlas & Caesar 6 strands mooring ropes for selftensioning winches

HMPE fiber ropes with extremely high strength for mooring, towing and special applications

Nylon Mooring Tails 11 meters and mooring Shackles


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